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Our helicopter view of your business enables us to spot potential bottlenecks. Instead of fixing them for you, we’re helping your people to develop the skills and experience needed to deal with them. We bring experts from the digital domain that mentor, coach, and inspire your people.

Being a FourScouts member

Your strategy is a good one. So is your team. And you feel like it can all be better, but what really matters is, they are YOUR's. They have to be the best. Sometimes all you need is an external encouragement to align the team. A fresh perspective on the technology and your products. By becoming a member of the FourScouts Acceleration you get access to:

  • Delivery Assesment
    Delivery Assesment
    we provide detailed screening and analysis of the technology, processes and human resources
  • Roadmap to Success
    Roadmap to Success
    we help you kickstart all of the processes that will accelerate your software delivery
  • Acceleration Support
    Acceleration Support
    we are by your side for the implementation, providing strong support and strategy optimization
Silvester van der Bijl - CEO of FourScouts
Silvester van der Bijl - CEO of FourScouts
Most of the software delivery companies can achieve 80% acceleration by optimising the key 20% of the operations. We help companies identify and optimise these opportunities by aligning the processes, the technology and the people in the team towards desired business outcomes.
Silvester van der Bijl
CEO of FourScouts


By becoming a member of the FourScouts Delivery Acceleration Programme you get privileged and continuous access to all of our services. Interested in a specific service and not the whole package? Give us a call, we will work something out together.

  • Assess
    deep dive into the work of the organisation. We focus on the alignment of management, the company strategy, middle management and the rest of the organisation. We listen and act as mirrors to the leadership. We deliver feedback and provide report with suggestions for moving forward.
  • Transform
    addressing 20% of obstacles you face will give you 80% of improvement. Based on the assessment feedback, together we determine which obstacles deserve the highest priority. We provide suggestions and best practices and you have the final decision. We involve the team and teach them to fish for themselves.
  • Accelerate
    move faster after the biggest of fish. We facilitate and run workshops for the team, trainings and active coaching for the leaders and the team members. The team is involved in making the decisions and setting the course for the future. In the end, our goal is to become disposable.
Patrick de Veer
Vincent Velthuis - Functional Lead, Fringe Company
Patrick de Veer
Working with Fourscouts is a pleasure! Since Greenaumatic is a startup we don’t have an in house software development team yet. Hence the professional approach and expertise that FourScouts offers is a real added value. FourScouts’ informal, yet very to the point expertise, matches our company culture and helps us to make the right software development decisions.
Patrick de Veer
CEO, Greenaumatic
Vincent Velthuis - Functional Lead, Fringe Company
More mobbing is less rework! Your workshop provided us with the insight that as a multi-disciplinary team you should focus. By working together constantly we're able to deliver more with higher quality.
Vincent Velthuis
Functional Lead, Fringe Company
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