A better chance of success

We help technology driven companies to keep operating at peak performance through coaching. Our starting point is understanding what you want to accomplish. We’ll help organize teams around your business outcomes and coach to do this in ever smarter ways.

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What we can help with

We work for startups, scale-ups and companies that have been around for years. Over the years we've been able to help in a lot of different environments. We frequently encounter scenarios like:

Accelerate development

Simplify architectures, infrastructure or help your teams deal with legacy systems that slow you down. Remove what's not relevant.

Improve collaboration

Clarify goals and organise teams around business outcomes. Less planning and discussion, focus on results that actually matter. 

Motivate and inspire

Kickstart knowledge sessions, organise workshops,  have a laugh, coach and pair. We know how to increase motivation.


What makes us different

Changing our model from the traditional hourly based consultancy to a subscription based service enables us to work different than our competitors. It enables us to focus on maximum performance of your IT instead of billing as many hours as possible. 

Push vs pull

We constantly monitor, tune and improve. Unlike traditional companies you don't call us when you have a problem. We're in the loop and will be aware already.

Teach to fish

We will do whatever is required  but be the 'hands' that do the day-to-day work. This enables us support multiple clients and leaves you free to move on if you don't see our value anymore. 

What our customers say

The acceleration of the development process is not something we could have done without the coaching and guidance of FourScouts Jeroen Platvoet