Grow engineering culture your people deserve and your business needs.

No serious sports team would consider not employing coaches and trainers, and no serious organization should be without coaches and trainers either.

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That feeling of being stuck in a hamster wheel

Busy managing instead of growing your product?

  • People not taking ownership
  • Huge backlogs
  • Chasing people around
  • Fighting the war for talent
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Grow without adding more people!

  • Engaged people
  • Delighted customers
  • Result driven
  • People take charge
Make better use of the talent and creativity that's already there.
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How we work

Get in touch

1. Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you! Let's get to know each other and discuss your situation.

Paint the picture

2. Paint the picture

We will support you in crafting a crystal clear message about what you're trying to achieve.

Invite the people

3. Invite the people

Invite people to tap into the talent and creativity of everyone in your company.


4. Accelerate

Guided by coaches people take ownership and come up with amazing ideas on how to accelerate your business further.

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Talk to a coach

A few of our customers that we love working with

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Picture of Patrick de Veer

Working with Fourscouts is a pleasure! Since Greenaumatic is a startup we don’t have an in house software development team yet. Hence the professional approach and expertise that FourScouts offers is a real added value. FourScouts’ informal, yet very to the point expertise, matches our company culture and helps us to make the right software development decisions.

Patrick de Veer - CEO Greenaumatic

Picture of Vincent Velthuis

More mobbing is less rework! Your workshop provided us with the insight that as a multi-disciplinary team you should focus. By working together constantly we're able to deliver more with higher quality.

Vincent Velthuis - Functional lead Fringe Company